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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Accessibility Improvements does Gingerbread include?

Svetoslav Ganov from Google posted the following to the Eyes-Free Users Group today:

Dear users,

The Gingerbread release of the Android platform has introduced the following accessibility related features:

1. The Calendar application has been instrumented to fire the appropriate accessibility events. which consumed by a screen reader such as Spiel or TalkBack turn the application into a fully accessible Calendar solution.
2. Accessibility tests have been added to the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) to ensure that every Android compatible device does support the latest version of the platform accessibility APIs. This means that Android compatible devices will have the same accessibility features as the current version of the platform. Among other things, the tests ensure that the user settings to enable accessibility are present. Note that this test suite is not responsible for assessing the accessibility level of the applications running on Android devices.
3. A much more recent version of TalkBack is included out-of-the-box.


Svetoslav Ganov


  1. I recently purchased a nexus S smart phone with gingerbread. As a visually disabled individual I appreciate the new accessibility features. However it is impossible for me to read any e-mail or text messages as the font size cannot be enlarged. Does Google intend to upgrade the android system to permit enlarging the text size?

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