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Submissions, Suggestions, and Tips

Accessible Android hopes to be the place where users can find all things related to Android Accessibility, and you can help.

• Submit articles or tutorials. Articles may present general information that is helpful to developers or end users, and tutorials can explain how to use an app or perform a routine smart phone task. In either case, the best submissions contain explanations that are concise and instructions that can be put to use right away (e.g., steps to follow or tips to keep in mind). The write-up itself can be long or short. If you’re a regular reader, you have an idea of what Access Ana likes.

• Suggest resources to link to. If you find an Android app or an article, blog, group, podcast, site, or individual webpage that discusses android accessibility directly, please let Access Ana know so she can add it to the list of links under the More Android Info heading.

• Tip users on more stuff. If you read a blog entry and know an alternative way to accomplish the same task or want to point out important functions not covered in the post, write a helpful addendum, which can be added to the original post or published separately. Be as concise and practical as if you were writing a submission.

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When preparing your submission or tip, remember to include your device and the version of Android you’re using.